Translation Platform

Translation Platform

Convertus BTS is a translation platform for machine translation, post-editing, memory re-use and project management. It comes with translation engines for Swedish–English and Finnish–English tuned for the educational domain. Engines for other language pairs and domains can be included into the portal as an optional extra to your subscription.

Convertus BTS supports the continuous improvement of translation quality through a continuous cycle of translation, post-editing and memory processing. It facilitates and records all of the steps in the translation of a document and allows the user to keep track of multiple documents.

For a quick glance at BTS in operation, see our video on Youtube. You are also welcome to register for a one-month test login to the platform. A user manual will be provided upon registration.

Convertus BTS was created as part of the Bologna Translation Service project.

The project has received funding from the European Community (ICT-PSP 4th call) under Grant Agreement n° 270915.