Web application

We provide all our translation systems through an in-house web application. Customers are able to upload their documents in a variety of formats, which are subsequently translated by one of our engines. The translation can then be polished by the user through an uncomplicated editing interface. The application facilitates and records all of the steps in the translation of a document and allows the user to keep track of multiple documents. A translation memory is also included, ensuring that translation quality increases over time.

Custom-built translation systems

We adapt our translation systems to work with customer-specific texts by adding relevant linguistic resources and re-training the statistical engines with customer data.

Integration in course database

Convertus has extensive experience integrating translation engines into various course database systems. Typically, this entails a “translate syllabus” button being made available to users of the database. The syllabus in question is then automatically sent for translation to Convertus’ servers.